5 days / 4 nights

Day 1: Manaure Salt Flats – Uribía – Cabo de la Vela.

Leave Riohacha for visit to Manaure Salt Flats.

Scenic visit of Uribia, tour through the Ahuyama and Carrizal deserts.

Arrival to a native village at Cabo de la Vela, settling-in and traditional lunch.

In the afternoon visit to Ojo del Agua beach (freshwater spring). Ecological hike in the surrounding hills, swim in the sea and ascent to “Cerro del Faro.”

Return to accommodation, dinner and stay.

Day 2: Pilón de Azúcar – Punta Gallinas.

Breakfast and beach outing to Pilón de Azúcar, hilltop climbing.

Journey to Punta Gallinas passing wind farm, Bahía Portete and Bahía Honda.

Lunch in a native village Pusheo, visit to Bahía Hondita and arrival at Punta Gallinas.

Sunset at Punta Gallinas beacon.

Dinner and hammock accommodation.

Day 3: Taroa Dunes – Laguna de los Patos – Nazareth.

Breakfast and trip to Taroa dunes, Laguna de los Patos.

Lunch at Puerto Estrella and arrival to Nazareth.

Early evening dinner and rest in hammocks.

Day 4: Macuira – Chorro de Ipakiwou.

Traditional breakfast and ecological hike to Serranía de la Macuira.

Visit to Chorro de Ipakiwou.

Lunch and time in afternoon to walk through the village to buy crafts.

Dinner and stay.

Day 5: Return to Riohacha

Breakfast and departure to return to Riohacha.


  • 4 nights accommodation according to the selected Plan, distributed as follows:

    1 night in Cabo de la Vela

    1 night in Punta Gallinas

    2 Nights in Nazareth

  • Food: 4 breakfasts, 5 lunches and 3 dinners.
  • Visit: Salinas de Manaure, Uribia, Desert Auyama and Carrizal, Playa Ojo de Agua, Pilon de Azucar, Punta Gallinas, dunes Taroa and Macuira Mountains
  • Refreshments during visits (VIP Plan)
  • Driver guide.
  • Transfers Riohacha – visits to make – Riohacha in bubbles 4x4s in private service.


  • air or land tickets to Riohacha and taxes and contributions levied.

  • Medical assistance card Assist Card
  • Medical assistance card Assist Card
  • Personal expenses and / or not specified in the program


  • Rates quoted are subject to change without notice at time of booking, depending on availability of the services requested, update rates, changes in operation or choice of suppliers. Taxes, fees and contributions that may also vary imposed by government regulation.
    It operates from 2 persons onwards.
    Prices per person in Colombian pesos in double accommodation.
    Itinerary subject to change available to the operator.
    Keep in mind that it is only possible to make the program as long as there is raining.
    Inform and explain very well that in Punta Gallinas no conventional hotels just 2 typical villages, equipped with the most possible comfortable rooms with bathroom no frills, just the basics.
    Accommodation in Cabo de la Vela will be offered in rancherías according to the selected option in Punta Gallinas and Nazareth in hammocks.
    Transfers are handled in bubbles 4x4s according to the sites to visit.
    In the Cabo de la Vela air-conditioned accommodation it is offered only in the “Rancheria Jarrinapi”.
    The food offered at this destination is typical food of the region.
    Colombian All passengers must carry their identity card currently in force.
    Ask your adviser health care card “Assist Card” as well as the required documentation
    Terms of Aviatur:

In case of cancellation by the passenger a 10% administrative expenses plus shipping agency and / or penalties charged by the operator will be charged.
The repayment plan will be implemented in accordance with the terms of the cancellation policy. Once started the trip, the services included in the plan and not used are not refundable unless cancellation is by accident or force majeure verifiable illness duly certified by the EPS or death of the passenger.
However when booking confirm payment and cancellation policies as they may vary according to the date of Conditions and Policy Operator
Cancellation policies:

The customer may make one (1) change in reserve until 8 days prior to the date of service delivery. In case of total cancellation of the service, the customer will lose the value of the advance made.
If there are changes or delays in flight schedules, the customer must notify the operator sufficient to reprogram services when possible time, however, the services that reach not to take according to the contracted schedule will be lost.
Management Policy Refunds:

If a person cancels its tourism plan, the contracting agency must make maximum prior notice 72 hours before the start of the event the operator via e-mail, indicating the plan, date, names of the person who cancela.El operator through its team will respond this communication as a first step by offering the following options:

Change reservation date tourism plan, provided you keep the same value and taking into account the season, assuming the price difference should be high season.

You can endorse the plan ownership to a third party authorizing the agency change should be informed through an email, where you will reply confirming the request.
Special conditions:

For programs managed for the middle and upper Guajira we will have special conditions to consider:

Carry only what is necessary, preferably bags or backpacks to charge back or beach bags wheeled luggage No, these can be left in custody at the offices of the operator in the city of Riohacha.
Walks conducted during visits to the various sites are more or less demanding climbs to hills and walking along the sand, so it is suggested to take special care with older adults with knee, back or spine and young children, they should always be accompanied by an adult
Consider the use of sunscreen, because sometimes the sun is
The maximum capacity is 6 people handled per vehicle.
The supplier undertakes to ensure that services are contracted and under conditions wings suitability, quality and enforceable security or offered. The supplier undertakes to maintain the necessary records will leave a written support development of services, recording eventualities and circumstances presented. Of these carriers will send copies to the agency.