I just want to be considered a trustworthy maker of dreams and experiences by my customers. I grew up traveling, and that is the language that always defined me: the language of the curious traveler and travel advisors.

If someone asks me what are my favorite places in the world, why be should my answers be limited to few choices?  I would have to say that every corner of the world, each landscape, each village, each city and each country can be as special to the extent which the traveler is willing to be eternally amazed by that moment. This is a powerful virtue a true Traveler needs to have.

But yes, I love cities such as Istanbul and Cape Town, at least for the moment, because of the emotions that they inspired in me. Travelers receive the emotions and energy from the places they visit, and this transforms them into a single, universal language at the same time.

My life are my children and my grandchildren, and the fact that they live in Spain and Switzerland gives me the fantastic excuse to continue to travel to the Old World, where my mother and her ancestors came from.

I am the daughter of a proud and strong Austrian woman and a man with the spiritual and physical strength of my country, Colombia.

I am very proud to be a visible figure in the world of luxury travel in Colombia. The loyalty of my clients all of them sophisticated travelers –and all the conversations and transactions remind me each day of my mission to be a bridge between the outside world and their desire to gather unforgettable memories.

I am happy to share here my opinions and experiences about traveling to very special and unique destinations. They are treasures that attract me, inspire and lead me to participating in others’ dreams.

 Travel draws on an infinite amount of knowledge, issues and experiences that I try to convey in these words.

Cinema, art, culture, literature, gastronomy, sports, wine and unlimited adventure… That is my world and the world of bcmviajes, where your dreams become reality.